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The Quick Cute Acorn Necklace!

I didn't grow up with acorns. At least I don't think I did...maybe an Aussie follower can help my memory? Anyway, I have recently discovered these little cute bundles of awesomeness thanks to my daughter and the "acorn park" - just a local park with lots of acorn trees that are pure gold this time of year. There are just so many possibilities with acorns, even if you just throw them in a mason jar and call it done. 

The quick and cute acorn necklace!

The quick and cute acorn necklace!

We are definitely fans of the acorn necklace! But, to be honest, like with most things, I just don't have time to do these crazy (but beautiful) fancy ones that you see around Pinterest. are my simple little ones that you can do super fast. 

What you need: 

  1. Acorns...the cutest ones you can find (my faves are the ones joined together...hello mother and child!) I think you are supposed to technically bake them etc. but I have never had any little critters on (or in) mine so I just risk it. 
  2. Glue - I use wood glue but any sort of super glue would work fine.
  3. Some yarn/string/twine/tulle...get creative...
  4. Spray paint...I really wanted gold but I have way too much spray paint so decided to use some silver I had on hand.
  5. Newspaper (or something to protect your surface when spraying).

How to do it:

  1. Knock the tops off your acorns. So sad, I know, but don't worry, get out your glue and glue them back together. This way your necklace is nice and strong. 
  2. Wait the suggested drying time. I never do but you probably should. 
  3. Spray them! This is the one rule I do follow - light sprays, many coats. Don't saturate them!
  4. Tie your rope of choice around them. Just figure out what works...loops/knots etc. 

DONE! Happy child, happy mummy! 


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