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Celebrating Unicorns and a Birthday

It is a fleeting cultural trend, for sure, but the past couple of years have seen my kids get all sparkled up and excited about unicorns. They are nothing new of course; unicorns have been around FOREVER but the current zeitgeist of My Little Pony mixed with Starbucks Frappuccinos and Target merchandising, has meant these gold-horned beautiful beasts are inescapable at the moment. In our home, we reached fever-pitch this past weekend with my daughter's birthday party. Enter, the cake.


This was a last-minute cake borne out of a looming catastrophe but, girl, am I glad I did it. Earlier in the year she decided that she DEFINITELY wanted a Paw Patrol Skye cake - a big cake, with a rainbow, and clouds, and Skye at the top. So, armed with Pinterest and eggs, I *tried* to make it happen...

But apparently my cake layering skills are dicey and Skye, and her cake, were in jeopardy. I was so concerned that this cake would collapse on the way to the party that we desperately needed a plan B. So early on party morning I decided to get out the flour and butter and try to make my little-girl's wishes come true, and maybe mine too.

Turns out, with a little stress and a lot of sugar, unicorn cakes do come true. 


I started dabbling in cake decorating when my daughter turned one. I am really just trying to walk in my own mother's footsteps who, each year, let us pick out a cake from a cookbook and she would make it. The cakes, back then (bless the 80s), were a little simpler. Unfortunately I have no willpower when it comes to ignoring Pinterest and I like to think that I can make the picture "come true." Between fondant frills and gum paste flowers, we have devoured far too much frosting than I care to admit in our trial-and-error efforts. 

Still, it is fun to celebrate these small moments of learning new skills and passing on a family tradition. This year in particular, as we celebrate a young lady's birthday, the symbolism was not lost on me. We are doing our very best to raise good little humans and if she can have half the strength of a unicorn's horn and its fantastical presence, then we will be doing okay. 

Happy Birthday baby lion. We love you to the unicorns and back.