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Buh-bye Summer 2017, hello pumpkins!

My little pickers this summer. 

My little pickers this summer. 

This has nothing to do with books :) Just a little Fall Equinox musing...

So our grass is dead (except for the weeds, of course). Even the crepe myrtles, usually unstoppable, are looking a little bedraggled and tired. 

Our veggie garden did okay this year. The tomatoes held up to a raging battle with whitefly and the deer held up against me chasing them (literally) from our pumpkins and watermelons. Sadly, the watermelons lost the battle after the deer devoured the vines and left the pathetic little melons to shrivel away. Oh well, there's always next year. 

The peppers and tomatoes, however, rose to the occasion. The banana peppers in particular decided to show up in abundance. So, here are our simple recipes for pickled banana peppers and fried green tomatoes. Nom nom. Maybe we'll share some more recipes this fall. 

I hope you enjoy the change in seasons. To me, it is always like a fresh start.