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After a four year hiatus from Facebook, it has been a busy week reconnecting with old and new friends. I remember joining THE Facebook back in the days when it was just on college campuses. It was one of the ways my husband and I first connected actually, back in 2003! But, when my Mum got ON Facebook, I said it was time to go! Love Mum but it lost its cool factor!

I guess Mums know best, because now I'm back. Fast forward to today and I have all sorts of warm fuzzies from the Facebook love of this past week. It is so fun to see everyone's happy faces, their children, their projects, and, yes, what some of them are eating for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! TMI people! 

I find it challenging because I am quite a private person in many respects and have honestly enjoyed the quietness of the last four years. No status updates or photos to post to anyone other than close friends and family via text messages. Still, social media is an important way to connect  and I finally found something worth sharing! If the first week is any indication, it was the right decision to come back. 

I love my friends. Well, most of them. ;)