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A noisy quiet house

It was a lovely summer, and now the kids have gone off to school and the house is quiet. It is surprisingly noisy when no one is home. The refrigerator hums incessantly, the ice maker startles me every time it drops a fresh cube, and the clock has become a loud ticking menace reminding me that there is "stuff to be done" during these precious hours before it’s time to pickup the kids. It is also still a thousand degrees outside and there are cicadas chirping like its July. 

Still, fall is theoretically here. The start of this school year has brought some new schedules and rituals. My daughter's school is on the other side of town and so our commute has become a dance party as we listen to Disney soundtracks (surprisingly educational). I already miss the tedium of toddler years, but I know that these too will be the good ole days. 

So, farewell to another summer. Between zoos and museums, trail runs and swimming, gardening and summer soirees, we made some good memories. I tried to not drive everyone too nuts with taking photos, but above are just a few of my favorites. 

Happy Fall, Y’all.