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Our Hoop and Net Veggie Garden

Early morning lettuce pickin’…you can see the water flows right through the netting.

Early morning lettuce pickin’…you can see the water flows right through the netting.

I am Mr. McGregor when it comes to our garden….I chase, distract, fence, spray fox urine, spread hair clippings…. just about anything to make sure our little plants survive. My batting average stinks (we’re at about 50/50) and so we plant extra knowing that the rabbits, deer, and whiteflies need their fair share of our garden too.

One thing that has definitely improved one of our little raised beds is our hoop and net “invention.” This is an amalgamation of a variety of Pinterest ideas and works surprisingly well. It’s simple in its construction and inexpensive at about $40. So…here are the rough instructions….

  1. Map out your garden and determine the spacing for your rows (see our sketch for an idea).

  2. Purchase PVC pipe in two sizes (it doesn’t matter which size just as long as you purchase a smaller amount of the bigger size). For example, I have 6 X 10ft pieces of 1-inch pipe and a 1 X 6ft piece of 1.5-inch pipe.

  3. Using a hacksaw or chop saw, chop the larger piping into 10-inch sections. For my 6 rows, I needed 12 sections.

  4. Bury those larger sections into the ground at the correct spacing….for 10ft U-shaped hoops they are spaced approximately 6 ft apart.

  5. Bend 10 ft pieces into U-shaped hoops and insert them into your 10 inch sections that have been buried. You should now have hoops!

  6. We sprayed ours black to blend in a little and then covered them with black tulle. The black tulle has lasted really well and I will probably only replace it next year.

  7. Fasten the tulle with simple binder clips (they have rusted a little but nothing major).

  8. We have our water sprinkler system set up within the raised veggie patch and the water just flows through the tulle nicely.

That’s it! Ours have withstood storms, outer bands of tornadoes, hail, and hot Southern weather. They have kept the pests out and the greens growing happily. At least for now!