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The Sweetest Waste of Time - and Instant Pot Yogurt!

Instant pot yogurt parfait

Instant pot yogurt parfait

It's been a while! Spring is a really fun time for us around the house. Not so much for the pollen, but what the pollen represents....STUFF GROWING! I am fairly hopeless at gardening - mainly because I am incredibly impatient. But dirt teaches you a lot and it's gradually turning my impatience to dust. Some days things literally grow an inch overnight and at other times I stare longingly at little seed pods, watering them diligently every day, hoping one day a little green seedling will shoot through. 

We also got an Instant Pot so I have been having fun with my new toy! I know, I must be the last person on earth to get one but I am glad to be at the party! So far we've done Sunday Gravy (a.k.a. spaghetti sauce), soups, a honey soy chicken dish, and YOGURT! Admittedly the yogurt tasted a little like black bean soup to start with but it has mellowed out with the honey and vanilla I slathered around in the jars. 

I posted a few things about the yogurt on Instagram stories...initially I was not a fan. It tasted okay but it took 2 days and I didn't get very much after straining it for a day (I love my yogurt thick and creamy). BUT....I CHANGED MY MIND! Here's why....


Something happened to it after a day in the fridge. I had flavored it with some local honey and Madagascar vanilla (I guess it's from Madagascar?!) and kabammmm...magic!. 

This little mason jar of fun was for my daughter. She is all about cute things and this made her sweet cheeks shine!

Here is the recipe I followed, with the following changes and tips:

1. To avoid black-bean tasting yogurt (or any other residual flavor), STEAM your instant pot and air out the seal thing. Like spray it down with vinegar, rinse with water, and let it sit in the sun for a while. 

2. Be patient. This is going to take a few days but it's worth the very end. 

3. Strain it over a double layer of cheesecloth in the fridge for at least 12 hours...emptying out the residual water (is that whey?) every few hours. 

3. This won't be a regular event here. I loved it but the effort/payoff ratio just isn't there to do it least not at this phase of our lives! 


4. Swirl in some honey/vanilla etc. to give it some sweet notes or leave it plain to use it more like a sour cream. 

5. Use whole fat milk. 

Happy early summer! 

MMM :)