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Nail Polish Eggs - Easter Spring Crafting!

A couple of years ago I oohed and aahed at Martha Stewart's nail polish eggs. This year, they were plastered across a beautiful Southern Living spread and I remembered they were still on our "to-craft" list! (Everyone has one of those, right?)

Anyway, without further adieu, here are our nail polish eggs - they aren't perfect but I think that's the point. The kids were happy and I think they are quite "in vogue" given the marbleized obsession lately. 


You can find the original directions here but in addition you may want to see my tips below...especially if you are doing this with little munchkins. 

1. Do these outside as the odor is noxious...or "thiiiiiinky" as my 2-year old says. 

2. Don't use your good nail polish. You are going to use a lot of nail polish so stop by a dollar store and stock up on some crazy colors...don't forget some metallic shades or sprinkles if you like that look. 

3. Definitely use lukewarm water and SWIRL the polish. 

4. Use gloved hands. I thought I was being cute with my tongs....not so much when I was cleaning them with nail polish remover! 

5. I found that it was easiest if the kids poured the nail polish and swirled and then I did the dipping with my gloved hands.

6. These work great with the white craft eggs; we found ours at Target this year in the bins at the front.

Happy Easter, Kalo Pascha, and here is something interesting on the history of eggs and easter